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This community is for NY area FTM/trans identified guys to share resources, tips and links, post news pertaining to trans* events taking place in NY/tri-state region, meet others in the area, etc.

* This community is intended for people from ALL ACROSS NY STATE. Folks from upstate, central, western, and other regions please don't be afraid to join, or post.
* When posting events or trying to find locals remember to specify a region or location. NY is quite large and not everyone is from NYC.

* SOFFAs Welcome
* All Trans* Identified People Welcome
* No flaming, No porn, etc. This community is loosely monitored, just be polite and use common sense.

Comments, questions, as well as links you feel should be included below can be emailed to ftm.ny.lj@gmail.com

Change of Sex or Gender on a NY DMV Photo Document
NY Name Change Forms & Requirements * "Please note: These forms are meant to be a rough guideline for proceeding with a name change application. Do not commence any proceeding before checking with the
court in your local jurisdiction. "

Resource Lists, and Groups/Centers:

Compass Support Group (New England)
Compass - New England FTM Resources *Huge resource list. Lots of NY based resources Must check out.

The Loft (Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Westchester)
The Loft Transgender Resource List

Spectrum Transgender Group of Western NY 
Spectrum Resource List (PDF)

New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy
Gender Identity Project (NYC)

Sylvia Rivera Law Project
SRLP Trans Resource and Referral Guide

Health Centers:
Callen-Lorde (NYC)

Area Surgeons:
Dr. James Reardon (NYC)
Dr. Melissa A. Johnson (Springfield, Mass.)