lastaardvark (lastaardvark) wrote in ftm_ny,

Callen-Lorde Scheduling?

I'm moving to NYC in August and called Callen-Lorde this morning to try to schedule an appointment to start HRT, since I know they have a reputation for being booked months in advance. The woman told me they have a new system and only schedule two weeks in advance now, and to call back in August. Does anyone know if this is actually how they work now, or did I completely misunderstand something? I don't want to wait until August to call back if that means I'll end up with an October appointment.

I'm a little worried the confusion had to do with my insurance situation. I won't be on insurance until the middle of August, but maybe I should have mentioned that I'd be willing and able to pay for the first appointment out-of-pocket if it meant being able to start sooner.
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